About us

About us

Excellence since 1921

Chauffeur-driven cars since 1921

High standards, quality, and care were maurice chabé’s guiding principles when he launched his chauffeured car service in 1921, catering to the clientele of paris’s luxury hotels. Ever since, the family business has successfully expanded to become france’s leader in the industry.

Chabé History

Today, Chabé is the uncontested leader in its sector

Over time, Chabé has successfully situated itself as the leader in chauffeur-driven transport in continental Europe. Already a partner with most of the luxury hotels in France, Chabé has now positioned itself as a multi-specialist service provider in its sector, equally capable of responding to the demands of grand hotels, event agencies, foreign delegations, international travel agencies, airlines and many others.

Chabé Today

Technological innovation and international expansion

Chabé is continuously extending its network of international partners in order to better serve its clients throughout the world.
Chabé is always developing new technological solutions: online reservation tools, vehicle monitoring, mobile apps, etc.
Chabé is committed to offering its clients unique tools that provide them with an exceptional experience.

Chabé Future

Our history

1921: A visionary and entrepreneur, Maurice Chabé decides to create the very first chauffeured car service catering to the special requirements of Paris’ luxury hotel guests. Chabé Limousines is born.

1929: Maurice Chabé partners with Paris’s luxury hotel concierges to create the Clés d’Or Association.

1953: Eliane Lo Jacomo, Maurice Chabé’s daughter, takes the reins of the family business, which is growing successfully while maintaining a service of renowned quality.

1993: Agnès Lo Jacomo, Maurice Chabé’s granddaughter, joins Chabé Limousines.

1998: Chabé Limousines begins its geographical expansion, opening its first branch in Cannes.

2011: Chabé develops its offerings by acquiring Service Affaires, a specialist in business executive chauffeur services.

2000-2014: Chabé continues its development by progressively opening agencies in Lyon Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Genève and Courchevel.

2014: Chabé Limousines becomes Chabé.

2014: Chabé creates Chabé Premium, a VIP welcome service at the customs point at Paris’s airports.

2015: Chabé creates Chabé Link, a branch entirely dedicated to group transport in vehicles with 9 or more seats.

2017: Service Affaires becomes Chabé Affaires and Chabé takes over CINQS.

2018: CINQS becomes PARICI.

Our mission

Our mission

"Our principle mission is to ensure that every client
enjoys a transport experience above and beyond their expectations,
everywhere in the world and every time."

Agnès Lo Jacomo

President And Granddaughter Of The Founder