Staff transport

Staff transport

A personalized shuttle service

Are your offices located outside the city center, where public transport is lacking? Do you wish to facilitate your employees’ transport and improve their working conditions?

Chabé Link offers a personalized shuttle service to reliably and efficiently bring your team-members to work.


A tailor-made service

Chabé Link offers Chabé quality and flexibility.
 Our services are designed according to your needs. No matter how many rotations are made during the day, your monthly fees are fixed so there are no surprises.
Our small-capacity minibuses allow us to offer more frequent rotations and therefore more flexibility for your employees.

  • Busses with 9-22 seats
  • A monthly rate rather than a per-rotation fee
Your bus, your dedicated chauffeurs

In order to guarantee you an optimal quality of service, we will mobilize one or several chauffeurs and vehicles dedicated to your company. This allows us to personalize the vehicles with your company’s logo, making them a communication tool, as well as letting your drivers get to know you so they can serve you better. Depending on your needs, we can also develop communication tools, such as an interface to visualize the rotation schedule.

  • Dedicated professional chauffeurs
  • Your company branding on the vehicles
  • Mini information site for your employees
a motivated and productive team

Thanks to our regular shuttle service, you can guarantee your employees’ safety, comfort and punctuality. No more lateness due to transport problems or recruitment issues due to the location of your offices: by improving the working conditions of your staff, they will naturally be more productive and loyal.

Let’s take responsibility together!

Let’s take responsibility together!

By opting for a communal transport solution for your employees, you are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, as the ratios of emissions and fuel consumption per transported person are greatly optimized. We are committed to maintaining and regularly renewing our vehicles, as well as training our chauffeurs in best practices for ecological driving.


Professional chauffeurs

Customized payment plan

ISO 9001 certified, our commitment to quality

They trust us

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